Precision Equipment Relocation Services 
This includes the unloading, stripping, hoisting, displacement and installation services . We have the most advanced professional equipment and tools, so as to ensure these procedures are carried out in the safest and most efficient manner, and the accuracy of the equipment would not be affected. Whether it be a clean room or a high entrance, we have teh expertise to do the job right.

Precision Equipment Packing Services
Servcies includes packing for general equipment, shockproof packing for precision equipment, vacuum packing for marine equipment as well as the production of shockproof wooden crates and related equipment.

Logistics Management Services
We have a dedicated relocation team to provide comprehensive and systematic one-stop services in logistics management, backed by extensive experience in teh overall management of customers' temporary warehouses and equipment storage yards.

Logistics and Transportation Services
We are equipped to provice special services liek long-distance anti-shock transportation and transportation with temperature and humidity control. We have our own specialized transportation equipment such as anti-shock flatbed trucks, anti-vibration cushioning, and containers with humidity control.

Warehousing & Related Services
Our customers store their machinery and equipment in our non-air conditioned warehouses while waiting for installation or shipping. To accommodate bulky and heavy equipment, ChasenTM's warehouses come with appropriately constructed floors that allow access to cranes and heavy trucks.

Specialised Vehicles and Tools
ChasenTM provides Total Logistics Management encompassing warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding services. Dedicated warehousing floor space is also provided for the property of specific customers, with a team to service each one of them in areas such as planning and scheduling of item movement and procurement of packing materials.

Technical & Engineering services that complement our turnkey relocation services cover parts refurbishment, engineering and spares support facilities. Its contract manufacturing capability includes operational facilities in Singapore and PRC catering to multinational clientele in the electronics, ordnance, telecommunications and other high technology industries. It provides parts fabrication and cleaning sales activities to institutions and research facilities in semiconductors, disk media, thin-film transistor LCD, pharmaceutical and backend packaging industry. This business segment also includes a cryogenic pump refurbishment workshop in Penang, Malaysia.

The Group is involved in construction projects for customers in the marine, property development, oil and gas and other energy-related industries. It also has the capability to carry out process engineering works and the building of chemical, automation and electrical system for its customers.